About Destiny Church Wakefield

Destiny Christian Church Wakefield began in 1999.  ‘Destiny’ comes from our vision that our Church has a vital part to play in making a real difference in the City of Wakefield and around the world today – we say ‘Destiny is where everyone has a future!’  Hundreds of people from all over the City and from many nations flock to Destiny Church, making it probably the largest congregation in Wakefield.

Our Church is committed to being a credible, relevant and effective testimony to the love of God and this drives us to connect with people from every part of society.  There are families, doctors, lawyers, business people and educators sitting side-by-side with factory workers, refugees and some older folk – we’re a family so all sorts of people are loved in our vibrant church.  There are people in our congregation from many backgrounds too, Catholic, Pentecostal, Evangelical, Church of England, other faiths, and none – There is a place for you to connect and meet with Jesus.

We’re large, lively and loving!

Destiny Connections International


Destiny Church in Wakefield is the international hub for a family of churches known as Destiny Connections International. More than 700 churches from around the world connect through the apostolic ministry of Ian & Rachel Critchley.  The Destiny Connections family currently includes Churches in India, Malawi, Congo, Zambia, Poland and the UK.  Destiny Church Wakefield has helped build Churches and orphanages in Malawi, churches and the Destiny Bible Institute (Bible College) in India.  Destiny is a giving and serving Church and often sends out Mission Teams to support and encourage the churches involved in Destiny Connections around the world.

Destiny Church Wakefield Leadership Team

Destiny is led by a great Team of godly, faithful and able men and women.

The Leadership structure is:

  • The Pastors & Elders (P&E Team)
  • The Fellowship Group Leaders
  • Other Group and Connect Group Leaders

The Pastors and Elders Team:


Ian & Rachel Critchley (Senior Pastors)ian and Rach

Ian and Rachel Critchley are Senior Pastors at Destiny Church.  Ian, born in Stoke-on-Trent, trained for Ministry in Kenley, London and began ministry in 1973 before moving to the USA for some time. Ian and his wife Rachel (who comes from North Wales) then pioneered a Church in Prestatyn, where they lived for thirteen years before moving with their three children to Wakefield in 1989.

They are now doting grandparents to their seven grandchildren.  Family is important to them, and ‘family’ is what you feel when you become part of Destiny Church – you soon realise that ‘people are precious’ to Ian and Rachel.

They love Church!  They have worked faithfully for many years for church to become strong, growing and effective so it can be a significant influence centre that will result in Revival.

Ian is called to be an Apostle, this means he and Rachel help bring leadership and mentoring to many ministries around the world through Destiny Connections International, a family/network of more than 700 Churches in; India, Malawi, Congo, Zambia, Poland, The Czech Republic and the UK.  Ian is a world-class communicator – and none more so than when he is speaking to leaders.

Ian Leads a great time with many other leaders at Destiny Wakefield